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Castle Marketing

Castle Marketing

17th January 2012

Castle have over the last two months being working strongly with Sigga Design to generate new marketing and advertsing material for the factory and for prospective new customers.

The aim behind the project has been to not only expand from the recent update to the logo, but also to put across to our customers, the right image of Castle as we move forward, both professionally and as a leading precision engineering company.

"More than anything we want to generate a BRAND of Castle" - explained Pete Saunders Managing Director. "We want people/customers to be able to recognise our company and to generate a brand identity that is distinctive with our values, Simon at Sigga has been first class he came to visit us to try and fully get to the heart of Castle and what we want the company to represent, we have some other projects in the the pipeline with SIgga that we envisage will be equally as good in terms of end product".


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